Djoudjon Don

from Heroes of the Morning by Serge Vilamajó



Djoudjon Don was initially titled "Memories". Calling on the past, looking for childhood memories, sometimes fuzzy. A quest for the roots, a search for oneself.
Isaac Coll composed the final musical phrase bringing freshness and a last impulse. A meeting, not trivial in recent years, is that of Pédro Kouyaté who played N'Goni and translated with words in a poem in Bambara the ideas that led me to write the piece. His participation fills the piece and makes him make all sense. Thank you Maestro and as you say, Much Love.

Djoudjon Don était intitulé initialement « Memories ». Faisant appel au passé, à la recherche de souvenirs d’enfance, parfois flous. Une quête des racines, une recherche de soi.
Isaac Coll avait composé la phrase musicale finale en apportant une fraicheur et un dernier élan. Une rencontre, non pas anodine lors de ces dernières années, est celle de Pédro Kouyaté qui a joué de l’N’Goni et a traduit avec des mots dans un poème en Bambara les idées qui m’avaient mené à écrire le morceau. Sa participation comble le morceau et lui fait prendre tout sons sens. Merci Maestro et comme tu dirais, Much Love.

Djoudjon Don fue inicialmente titulado "Memories". Llamando al pasado, buscando recuerdos de la infancia, a veces confusos. Una búsqueda de las raíces, una búsqueda de uno mismo.
Isaac Coll compuso la última frase musical trayendo frescura y un ultimo impulso. Un encuentro, no trivial en los últimos años, es la de Pédro Kouyaté que interpretó el N'Goni y tradujo con palabras en un poema en Bambara las ideas que me llevaron a escribir la pieza. Su participación completa el tema y le da todo su sentido. Gracias Maestro y como dices, Much Love.



Djandjo te fola beye
Nin gné miri kounou na
Kan miri kounounassini na
Djandjo te fola beye.
I bi miri la loin dema miri te dougna laban la.

Tiramamba, Djandjo
Dougna mou soumoussouti ni battarassoti

Worotanmassigui yé mosso kè djondi

Djoudjon don
Beki djoudjon don
Beki djoudjon don
Djoudjon don

Nin yé miri kan miri
Miri té dounouya na bana
Nin yé miri
kan miri, kan miri, kan miri

///Nin gné miri kounou na
Kan miri kounounassini na///

Sigi mandi
Sigi sigi mandi

Dadji noo tafo, tafo, tafo, tafo kè foura di
Nin gné miri kounou na
Kan miri, Nin gné miri
Nin gné miri kounou na

Kan miri kounounassini na

To you, the Conqueror
This song is for you
When I think about
The things from yesterday, from before the past
Those that made me who I am, is my history
This song is for you
Don’t let your past torment you! Make your past smile at you today.

To you, the valiant
To you, the brave
Life's a gas and then too short
But it's worth living
I will never be the slave of my past

Don't forget your roots
I wish for everyone not to deny their roots.
Here I stop to torment myself because of my yesterday
The Earth’s not going to stop turning
Here I stop to torment myself because of the day before yesterday

Don't get obsessed
The past is your gris-gris, your protection
Come to think about it
My past is my strength


from Heroes of the Morning, released March 21, 2019
Music: Serge Vilamajó & Isaac Coll
Lyrics: Pédro Kouyaté

Serge Vilamajó: Nylon Guitars, Percussions, BGV
Isaac Coll: Fretless
Manon Doucet: BGV
Pédro Kouyaté: N'Goni, Vocals


all rights reserved



Serge Vilamajó Paris, France

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